20 beautiful beach pictures in Vancouver

We love to be near the ocean and gaze out at the water, often for long periods of time, simply observing the gentle movements of the water, while listening to the smoothing sounds of rolling waves breaking on the shore.

It is what we love to do as a family, and thanks to the mild climate in Vancouver, we are able to enjoy the coastlines year-round.

We love to linger as the sun sets the sky on fire, while slowly disappearing below the horizon. The stunning views of the city skyline, the incredible North Shore Mountains, and the ever-changing colors of the water and the sky, are what make these trips so very memorable. These experiences bring us the intense realization that we as a family are darn lucky to have settled down here!

It is truly amazing to be able to visit the downtown core of the city, and find yourself at the most beautiful beaches or mountains in less than 15 minutes!

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