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Snowshoeing with StyleWe

If you are dreaming of a dress that can be worn for any occasion – this is the one! I wore it to work, to go out and feel pretty! It had a great length – perfect for leggings or pants, amazing for long or short boots, and especially perfect to wear with sandals! The […]

What does ‘HOME’ mean to you?

Home, of course can mean a million different things to as many different people. It can be a warm bed that you can’t get out of in the morning, or tiny blue toothbrushes in the bathroom. It can be the sensation of peace on a cozy, rainy Sunday, or the feeling of relief when you […]


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes you come accross that exact picture that inspires you to write those words. Maybe not a thousand this time, but enough to create a wonderful poem. When Kristina saw the above picture on my Insta account, she commented that she felt inspired to write […]

Family Fun at Spanish Banks beaches – Vancouver

Having a blast at Spanish Banks beach. We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the beach, the waves, low tide, and of course, the amazing views. Spanish Banks beaches include some of the most amazing elements of Metro Vancouver — spectacular views, sandy beaches, forest trails, beautiful wildlife, aboriginal and explorer history and a delightful […]

Why Canadians should go camping in Furstenfeld, Austria

Ok, just to have this out of the way – I think EVERYBODY should go camping in Furstenfeld. Why I think you, Canadians, would especially love it, is because of those sweet black bears, NOT roaming around, eating your food and maybe your toes, while you are asleep in your intensely exposed tents. I have […]

Explore the world with your kids!

‘My kids are too young to enjoy the experience of travel’ ‘They won’t remember a thing’ ‘When they are older, they will be able to take away more from the trip’. We know of many parents who keep on postponing travels until their children reach a certain age; until a certain time in the future, […]

20 beautiful beach pictures in Vancouver

We love to be near the ocean and gaze out at the water, often for long periods of time, simply observing the gentle movements of the water, while listening to the smoothing sounds of rolling waves breaking on the shore. It is what we love to do as a family, and thanks to the mild […]

Winter days in Vancouver, Canada

Winter days in Vancouver It has been roughly 5 years since the last significant snowfall in Vancouver, and since it usually rains more than it snows during winter, the remains of any snowfall usually wash away rapidly. Apparently, ’Old Man Winter’ had his mind set on something entirely different this year. Our mountain was given […]

11 Spectacular Pictures of Cadzand Beach

Cadzand beach, is located in the southernmost region of the country, close to the Belgian border. Behind the amazing sand dunes, you will find some of the best beaches in the Netherlands. In fact, Cadzand beaches have won several major awards, and it was named the “Cleanest beach of the Netherlands”, several times. The beach has […]

Explore Europe | Travel to Pertisau, Austria

Pertisau is a center of quality hotels, B&Bs, vacation apartments, and Alpine guesthouses. It is a small, picturesque town that is family-friendly in every way, and is surrounded by scenic mountain shores at the Achensee Lake in the Tyrol region of Austria. Beautiful in the Winter, amazing in the Summer. No matter what season has […]