Snowshoeing with StyleWe

If you are dreaming of a dress that can be worn for any occasion – this is the one! I wore it to work, to go out and feel pretty! It had a great length – perfect for leggings or pants, amazing for long or short boots, and especially perfect to wear with sandals! The fabric is soft and welcoming on the skin. I am usually picky with fabrics, however, this dress did not bother me at all. The shape and cut of the dress allows all body shapes to feel free and gorgeous! It is just very flattering! So, my suggestion is to go and get yourself a gift! Perfect as well as a gift. The dress will be loved! For more details on this amazing dress:

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Review by Annabella!

The KE-YING-YI sweater is amazing! First, it is warm and cozy, secondly, it looks beautiful! I love the contrast of the two different colours and the asymmetry of the print. I wore it in the snow and didn’t feel the pinch of the cold! I recommend this sweater to everyone!  For more details:

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What does ‘HOME’ mean to you?

Home, of course can mean a million different things to as many different people. It can be a warm bed that you can’t get out of in the morning, or tiny blue toothbrushes in the bathroom. It can be the sensation of peace on a cozy, rainy Sunday, or the feeling of relief when you walk through the front door. Home has been many places for us over the years, but it has always been defined by simple, beautiful family moments like these.

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Before our nomad style living, we thought of home as where we grew up. Now, home is wherever we are together as a family. Home to us is unpacking that last box.

Before our nomad style living, we thought of home as where we grew up. Now, home is wherever we are together as a family. Home to us is unpacking that last box. Click To Tweet

Houses get bought and sold; countries change; continents swapped; but a home truly stays with you, always.

The lyrics of “You’re My Home”, an old Billy Joel song, say it all:

“When you touch my weary head
And you tell me everything will be all right
You say, ‘Use my body for your bed
And my love will keep you warm throughout the night’
Well, I’ll never be a stranger and I’ll never be alone
Whenever we’re together, that’s my home”

Billy Joel – You’re My Home | YouTube

We have never really connected the feeling of ‘home’ to a physical place on the map … Maybe until we moved to Canada. Arriving in Vancouver was like coming ‘home’ to us, a most amazing city, a wonderful place where we love to be, and that feeling has stayed with us ever since. We do not know what the future brings, but one thing is for certain, we will always consider Canada to be our ‘home’ … wherever we live.
I am happy to mention The Home T, who provided us with 4 insanely soft t-shirts … A perfect way to express your love for your home 🙂 and equally important to me, is that they donate a portion of their profits to Multiple Sclerosis research … and they are made in the USA.













They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes you come accross that exact picture that inspires you to write those words. Maybe not a thousand this time, but enough to create a wonderful poem. When Kristina saw the above picture on my Insta account, she commented that she felt inspired to write a poem and I couldn’t be more delighted about it.

So, without further ado:

by Kristina Mullenix – IG @EditorKristina

Chasing dreams,
Scooping sunsets to keep.
Skipping stones in bounds and leaps.

Tasting the air, salty and sweet,
Stepping into nature- our reward and treat-
its jewels hidden between skyscrapers and concrete.

Colors swirl in the sky-
bright pinks, yellows, and blues.
Traces of warm Spring magic breathes earth anew.

We shall drink sunsets in a jar-
then catch moonbeams and stars!

Thank you, Kristina, for this wonderful poem!

Why Canadians should go camping in Furstenfeld, Austria

Ok, just to have this out of the way – I think EVERYBODY should go camping in Furstenfeld. Why I think you, Canadians, would especially love it, is because of those sweet black bears, NOT roaming around, eating your food and maybe your toes, while you are asleep in your intensely exposed tents. I have to admit, that these beautiful animals are the main reason why we won’t be going out and sleep in a tent in the Canadian wilderness anytime soon. So, therefor, dear Canadians, I will share with you this wonderful, and exciting option.

If you love camping, and swimming, and prefer to do them both in one spot, then pack up and go! Find your way to Furstenfeld. No, not just right now. You have to book in advance to make sure you have a spot, especially during the busy Summer months. So, start planning for next year, send them an email, let them know what day you will be arriving, how many people will be joining you, and how long you wish to stay. That’s it: you are on your way to have an amazing holiday in Furstenfeld. Let the countdown begin.

We have been going there since our youngest was 1 year old, and he turned 11 this year. So, we celebrated our 10th visit to Furstenfeld this year. Cake anyone?

When we arrive, after a nice (read long) car drive, we park the car, right on our reserved spot and start unpacking. One of the first things we throw out is our tent. One of those intensely convenient 3 second pop-up tents. Throw it, get out of the way and your tent stands there in all its glory, waiting to be occupied, once again, after being abandoned for almost a full year. We don’t unpack the entire car just yet. After our boys have finished blowing up the air mattresses, we are off exploring Freibad Furstenfeld – the main reason of our love for this area. It is a thermal swimming pool, that connects directly to the camping site, with colorful water slides, floating inflatable playgrounds, volleyball fields, trampolines, lots of grass, and many trees, which provide the much needed shade.

Nice bonus: The entrance to the Freibad is FREE for paying guests of the camping. So, you can go and swim any time of the day (or night). No extra fees! Trust me, that is a great deal.

We put on our swimming gear and off we go. Always first on the list, is the infamous yellow slide. Start on the top and just go crashing down. Our boys showing off their athletic moves while sliding down, myself not backing down and showing off my less athletic, but still very ‘cool’ moves (if I may say so myself). Fun all around, and always a moment of happiness. Happy to be back, once again.

Fürstenfeld is a real charming, vibrant little city, full of history, impressive sights, relaxed shopping experiences, and also the perfect starting point for your short trips to the many other thermal baths, which are to be found in any direction you might look. All perfect reasons to visit Furstenfeld, but one has to admit, the main attraction will be the thermal swimming pool, which happens to be the largest one in Austria. I think, it is safe to say, that you will enjoy beautiful Furstenfeld, just as much as we have over the last decade.

Maybe I will see you there in the Summer of ’17 🙂

Just in case you wish to have a break from all the swimming – take a look at my second post. You won’t need your swimming gear for that one.

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Explore the world with your kids!

‘My kids are too young to enjoy the experience of travel’
‘They won’t remember a thing’
‘When they are older, they will be able to take away more from the trip’.

We know of many parents who keep on postponing travels until their children reach a certain age; until a certain time in the future, when the kids will be ‘ready’ to remember and enjoy the places they visit.

Parents, with younger children, often think, that traveling doesn’t hold too many advantages. The thought of packing extra clothes, toys, and the many different chargers for the dozens of devices, is enough to drive them over the edge. They might think that all the energy and effort to get on the road, travel for thousand miles, and reach that much anticipated destination, aren’t worth it. They assume the children most likely won’t even remember, let alone appreciate the trip. Add to this the extra costs of traveling with kids, and you can see why many parents are reluctant to exploring many of the beautiful places out there.

How do you feel about this?

Perfect age for traveling?

Some assume that there is such a thing… that children must reach a certain maturity in order to enjoy, learn, and benefit holistically from a travel experience. The truth is that any age is a perfect age to do so. Studies say that all emotional and cognitive influences on the young mind have a strong input and effect on whom that child will become in the future. The moments are never lost. Each and every experience, exploration or trigger for the sense of wonder will develop the child into a creative, imaginative, and intelligent adult.

Travel equals destination?

You might think that your vacation starts, once you arrive at your destination. The opposite is true. From the moment you slam the door behind you, and ‘hit’ the road, your travels start. I would even argue, that your travels start from the moment you decide on a destination, sometimes months in advance, sometimes even years. Each day you think of your dream vacation, each time you Google your favorite destination, each time you research on what you will visit, who you will see, what you will bring … It is all part of it!

So, when you are packing the extra things you need to keep the little ones occupied on the road, when you sit down and write down your what-not-to-forget list, make sure you remember and even more importantly, feel, that you are prepping your next travel. Make the kids a big part of these steps and you should involve them, wherever possible. Have a conversation about what kind of experience they would like to have? What would they like to see, touch and feel? You can use their input in creating the most adventurous travel for the entire family. And always know, that a short, nearby city trip, can be as adventurous as any far away, exotic, travel destination. If you feel less confident, that’s where you might start. Book a city trip nearby, and start with one night away from home. If you feel the need for some extra support, talk to friends, or invite your family along. Travel together! Many hands make light work.

Work your way up to longer vacations. Find your way to bigger adventures. The key is to do this at your own pace and to leave any anxiety at the door. Find the courage to travel with your kids. Don’t see it as a time that will drive you insane, but see it as a way to strengthen your relation with your children. Cement strong ties and make memories that you will share with your grandchildren.

Don’t let their age be an excuse. Traveling with young kids will force you to move at a slower pace and inevitably make you see more details along the way. Things you might miss, when traveling without them. Follow their lead in your journeys.

Embrace the adventure that is travelling, from that very moment they are born. The best way for them to understand other cultures is by experiencing it, and traveling beyond your own horizons, will surely do that. They will learn that the world isn’t that small after all and surely they will discover new things they fall in love with.

Traveling, for our family, has taught us to be thankful for what we have and has helped us better understand our place in the world.

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11 Spectacular Pictures of Cadzand Beach

Cadzand beach, is located in the southernmost region of the country, close to the Belgian border. Behind the amazing sand dunes, you will find some of the best beaches in the Netherlands. In fact, Cadzand beaches have won several major awards, and it was named the “Cleanest beach of the Netherlands”, several times. The beach has a length of 10 km, and according to meteorologists it has the most sunshine hours of the whole of the Netherlands during the summer seasons.

This is the perfect, and most delightful, place for a day out with the kids. You can relax on the beach or take a long stroll along the shore. Other, more active, activities include: Horseback riding, cycling, hiking, sport fishing, and the biggest beach sensation, finding of age-old fossils of shells, and shark teeth.

When we arrived to the beach, we found a nice spot in the shade, between the sweet colourful beach cabins. This day was a true image of a real holiday!

A must-do:

A day trip to the medieval city of Brugge, Belgium. Less then 30 minutes by car.

Explore Europe | Travel to Pertisau, Austria

Pertisau is a center of quality hotels, B&Bs, vacation apartments, and Alpine guesthouses. It is a small, picturesque town that is family-friendly in every way, and is surrounded by scenic mountain shores at the Achensee Lake in the Tyrol region of Austria.

Beautiful in the Winter, amazing in the Summer.

No matter what season has your preference, it is one of those special destinations you should always have on your to-visit list. Whether you want to go cycling, geocaching, climbing, skiing, sledding or hiking, you’ll discover that Pertisau is the perfect place for a family getaway.

Pertisau 1

This small town has it all, mountains as far as you can see, a mesmerizing lake, waterfalls, the famous Achensee steam railway, breath-taking views all around, and endless possibilities for skiing, paragliding, kite-surfing, mountain biking, rafting, diving, hiking, sailing, cycling trails, visiting waterfalls, and so much more.


We have been visiting this town year after year and every time we love it even more!

This last Summer we initially didn’t plan to visit Pertisau. However, while enjoying our stay at camping Furstenfeld – we made a last minute decision to add Pertisau to our itinerary.

And, why get stuck with a plan when changing it adds to the magic of adventure?

Of course, as you can imagine, finding any available accommodations, on such short notice, turned out to be mission-impossible. There wasn’t a room to be found in the entire town and trust me, we tried! We called, drove, knocked on every hotel’s door; we emailed and talked to B&Bs for at least two hours… Not one available room!

We pretty much tried every trick in the travel-without-making-reservations book, to no avail.

Yeah, I know, no big surprise, especially when you know that half of Europe visits Pertisau at one point or another. But, honestly, we didn’t think that the half of Europe decided to visit Pertisau on that very same day.

So, we ended up sleeping in the car, the four of us … A small car… packed with stuff! Comfortable? … it was not, but worth it, … so very much! We woke up in the midst of breathtaking mountains with wild goats jumping around their cliffs! We were neighbors to the emerald-green lake at our feet, while the glowing sun was showing us the most stunning views you can wish for. How thrilled we all were to be back in ‘our’ Pertisau!

Plus, not to forget, that strong cup of espresso in the early morning, did wonders as well – especially for my lower back.

The morning walk on the newly designed promenade, towards the center of the town, reminded us, how much we love to just simply, stroll around, jump in an out the lake, and have a latte at one of the many, beautiful beach bars, close to the shores of the blue Anchensee lake!

Pertisau 2

Pertisau, most definitely, remains one of our favorite towns in Austria, and we are convinced that, once you get a taste of it, it will become yours too. You will fall in love with this town, at least as much as we did. You will return home, with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Of course, make sure you book your accommodation months in advance. That is, if you wish to sleep in a bed, instead of a car seat.

A must-do: The Karwendel Bergbahn – gondola ride. Here we come!


In search of a castle …

Castle Welsdorf – Furstenfeld Austria

We don’t like to plan too much ahead. Not in daily life, and definitely not when we are traveling. We love to experience the day as it presents itself.

You adjust, you adapt, and you enjoy it all.

Without a doubt, our most memorable adventures owe themselves to a lack of planning.

Just hang back, relax and let things happen. Enjoy the scenery and feel your heart working overtime, while hiking up the moderately steep hills that lay in front of you. You won’t regret it.

So, on a rainy day, we decided to find and visit a castle. We opened a touristic map and spotted one at walking distance from our camp-site.

After a 20 minute walk (5 minutes by car), we arrived to Schloss Welsdorf. We saw a small entrance that seemed to do its best to hide a building that looked like, at first, an overgrown farmhouse. The gate was open, so we kind-of invited ourselves onto the property. We were struck by the modest, yet elegant beauty that presented itself to us.

We arrived quickly at a large iron gate, where two very friendly puppies greeted us. Needless to say that our kids fell in love with them instantly, and yes, they were ready to file the doggy adoption papers.

When we walked through the gate, the inside courtyard opened up. Beautiful trees, perfectly maintained gardens, lots of shade, and a building that oozed history. This new-found treasure was absolutely stunning!

While exploring the gardens, we met the friendly caretaker of the building, who pointed out, that we were indeed lucky to have found the gate unlocked, because, in fact, the castle was a private property – not usually open to the public.

Nevertheless, he was very happy to share a ton of amazing stories about the property that seemed to be very dear to him. One was about the German occupation during WWII and how the original owners tried to fight off the invading soldiers. This historical event has left behind hundreds of bullet holes in one of the main walls of the building. Spectacular to see the remains of that event after such a long time! We loved to hear the caretaker speak with such passion, and pride about this unknown, hidden treasure of history.

The current owners made sure they restored the inside of the building back to its former glory (see pictures, but apparently ran out of money to continue the outside restorations.

We were actually happy of this financial dry-up because the wall offered us a valuable glimpse into the story of the place. Hopefully, the owners will realize the importance of untouched history and won’t renovate the wall. This way, you future visitors, will be able to live the same emotions that we got to experience on that beautiful rainy day!

Of course, you first need to get by the locked gate. But, hey! What is a vacation without a challenge?