Snowshoeing with StyleWe

If you are dreaming of a dress that can be worn for any occasion – this is the one! I wore it to work, to go out and feel pretty! It had a great length – perfect for leggings or pants, amazing for long or short boots, and especially perfect to wear with sandals! The fabric is soft and welcoming on the skin. I am usually picky with fabrics, however, this dress did not bother me at all. The shape and cut of the dress allows all body shapes to feel free and gorgeous! It is just very flattering! So, my suggestion is to go and get yourself a gift! Perfect as well as a gift. The dress will be loved! For more details on this amazing dress:

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Review by Annabella!

The KE-YING-YI sweater is amazing! First, it is warm and cozy, secondly, it looks beautiful! I love the contrast of the two different colours and the asymmetry of the print. I wore it in the snow and didn’t feel the pinch of the cold! I recommend this sweater to everyone!  For more details:

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What does ‘HOME’ mean to you?

Home, of course can mean a million different things to as many different people. It can be a warm bed that you can’t get out of in the morning, or tiny blue toothbrushes in the bathroom. It can be the sensation of peace on a cozy, rainy Sunday, or the feeling of relief when you walk through the front door. Home has been many places for us over the years, but it has always been defined by simple, beautiful family moments like these.

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Before our nomad style living, we thought of home as where we grew up. Now, home is wherever we are together as a family. Home to us is unpacking that last box.

Before our nomad style living, we thought of home as where we grew up. Now, home is wherever we are together as a family. Home to us is unpacking that last box. Click To Tweet

Houses get bought and sold; countries change; continents swapped; but a home truly stays with you, always.

The lyrics of “You’re My Home”, an old Billy Joel song, say it all:

“When you touch my weary head
And you tell me everything will be all right
You say, ‘Use my body for your bed
And my love will keep you warm throughout the night’
Well, I’ll never be a stranger and I’ll never be alone
Whenever we’re together, that’s my home”

Billy Joel – You’re My Home | YouTube

We have never really connected the feeling of ‘home’ to a physical place on the map … Maybe until we moved to Canada. Arriving in Vancouver was like coming ‘home’ to us, a most amazing city, a wonderful place where we love to be, and that feeling has stayed with us ever since. We do not know what the future brings, but one thing is for certain, we will always consider Canada to be our ‘home’ … wherever we live.
I am happy to mention The Home T, who provided us with 4 insanely soft t-shirts … A perfect way to express your love for your home 🙂 and equally important to me, is that they donate a portion of their profits to Multiple Sclerosis research … and they are made in the USA.













They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes you come accross that exact picture that inspires you to write those words. Maybe not a thousand this time, but enough to create a wonderful poem. When Kristina saw the above picture on my Insta account, she commented that she felt inspired to write a poem and I couldn’t be more delighted about it.

So, without further ado:

by Kristina Mullenix – IG @EditorKristina

Chasing dreams,
Scooping sunsets to keep.
Skipping stones in bounds and leaps.

Tasting the air, salty and sweet,
Stepping into nature- our reward and treat-
its jewels hidden between skyscrapers and concrete.

Colors swirl in the sky-
bright pinks, yellows, and blues.
Traces of warm Spring magic breathes earth anew.

We shall drink sunsets in a jar-
then catch moonbeams and stars!

Thank you, Kristina, for this wonderful poem!

Family Fun at Spanish Banks beaches – Vancouver

Having a blast at Spanish Banks beach. We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the beach, the waves, low tide, and of course, the amazing views.

Spanish Banks beaches include some of the most amazing elements of Metro Vancouver — spectacular views, sandy beaches, forest trails, beautiful wildlife, aboriginal and explorer history and a delightful sidewalk cafe.

Silent, sparkling and spectacular, is how we like to describe Spanish Banks beach. If you don’t like the crowds, this beach may be perfect for you … especially during low tides which expose miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach.

The perfect place to spend the day with the entire family!

20 beautiful beach pictures in Vancouver

We love to be near the ocean and gaze out at the water, often for long periods of time, simply observing the gentle movements of the water, while listening to the smoothing sounds of rolling waves breaking on the shore.

It is what we love to do as a family, and thanks to the mild climate in Vancouver, we are able to enjoy the coastlines year-round.

We love to linger as the sun sets the sky on fire, while slowly disappearing below the horizon. The stunning views of the city skyline, the incredible North Shore Mountains, and the ever-changing colors of the water and the sky, are what make these trips so very memorable. These experiences bring us the intense realization that we as a family are darn lucky to have settled down here!

It is truly amazing to be able to visit the downtown core of the city, and find yourself at the most beautiful beaches or mountains in less than 15 minutes!

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Winter days in Vancouver, Canada

Winter days in Vancouver

It has been roughly 5 years since the last significant snowfall in Vancouver, and since it usually rains more than it snows during winter, the remains of any snowfall usually wash away rapidly.

Apparently, ’Old Man Winter’ had his mind set on something entirely different this year. Our mountain was given the biggest amount of snowfall in years. Classes got cancelled at SFU, the elementary school had to close its doors, transit came to a complete stop, and residents decided that the outdoors had to be avoided at all cost. The streets were abandoned for days. Cars, covered in snow, left behind. Power outages and power line explosions coloured the sky blue and green! A full winter apocalypse! …

Ok, maybe slightly exaggerated … but not with much.

Luckily for our family, it all occurred during the winter break, which gave us the chance to fully appreciate the wonders of winter. After all, life isn’t about avoiding the snowstorm; it is about learning how to enjoy playing in the snow. And we played in the snow; we enjoyed it every day as much as we could. Best winter EVER!

Please enjoy 20 of our gorgeous winter pictures!