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Pertisau is a center of quality hotels, B&Bs, vacation apartments, and Alpine guesthouses. It is a small, picturesque town that is family-friendly in every way, and is surrounded by scenic mountain shores at the Achensee Lake in the Tyrol region of Austria.

Beautiful in the Winter, amazing in the Summer.

No matter what season has your preference, it is one of those special destinations you should always have on your to-visit list. Whether you want to go cycling, geocaching, climbing, skiing, sledding or hiking, you’ll discover that Pertisau is the perfect place for a family getaway.

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This small town has it all, mountains as far as you can see, a mesmerizing lake, waterfalls, the famous Achensee steam railway, breath-taking views all around, and endless possibilities for skiing, paragliding, kite-surfing, mountain biking, rafting, diving, hiking, sailing, cycling trails, visiting waterfalls, and so much more.


We have been visiting this town year after year and every time we love it even more!

This last Summer we initially didn’t plan to visit Pertisau. However, while enjoying our stay at camping Furstenfeld – we made a last minute decision to add Pertisau to our itinerary.

And, why get stuck with a plan when changing it adds to the magic of adventure?

Of course, as you can imagine, finding any available accommodations, on such short notice, turned out to be mission-impossible. There wasn’t a room to be found in the entire town and trust me, we tried! We called, drove, knocked on every hotel’s door; we emailed and talked to B&Bs for at least two hours… Not one available room!

We pretty much tried every trick in the travel-without-making-reservations book, to no avail.

Yeah, I know, no big surprise, especially when you know that half of Europe visits Pertisau at one point or another. But, honestly, we didn’t think that the half of Europe decided to visit Pertisau on that very same day.

So, we ended up sleeping in the car, the four of us … A small car… packed with stuff! Comfortable? … it was not, but worth it, … so very much! We woke up in the midst of breathtaking mountains with wild goats jumping around their cliffs! We were neighbors to the emerald-green lake at our feet, while the glowing sun was showing us the most stunning views you can wish for. How thrilled we all were to be back in ‘our’ Pertisau!

Plus, not to forget, that strong cup of espresso in the early morning, did wonders as well – especially for my lower back.

The morning walk on the newly designed promenade, towards the center of the town, reminded us, how much we love to just simply, stroll around, jump in an out the lake, and have a latte at one of the many, beautiful beach bars, close to the shores of the blue Anchensee lake!

Pertisau 2

Pertisau, most definitely, remains one of our favorite towns in Austria, and we are convinced that, once you get a taste of it, it will become yours too. You will fall in love with this town, at least as much as we did. You will return home, with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Of course, make sure you book your accommodation months in advance. That is, if you wish to sleep in a bed, instead of a car seat.

A must-do: The Karwendel Bergbahn – gondola ride. Here we come!


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