Why Canadians should go camping in Furstenfeld, Austria

Ok, just to have this out of the way – I think EVERYBODY should go camping in Furstenfeld. Why I think you, Canadians, would especially love it, is because of those sweet black bears, NOT roaming around, eating your food and maybe your toes, while you are asleep in your intensely exposed tents. I have to admit, that these beautiful animals are the main reason why we won’t be going out and sleep in a tent in the Canadian wilderness anytime soon. So, therefor, dear Canadians, I will share with you this wonderful, and exciting option.

If you love camping, and swimming, and prefer to do them both in one spot, then pack up and go! Find your way to Furstenfeld. No, not just right now. You have to book in advance to make sure you have a spot, especially during the busy Summer months. So, start planning for next year, send them an email, let them know what day you will be arriving, how many people will be joining you, and how long you wish to stay. That’s it: you are on your way to have an amazing holiday in Furstenfeld. Let the countdown begin.

We have been going there since our youngest was 1 year old, and he turned 11 this year. So, we celebrated our 10th visit to Furstenfeld this year. Cake anyone?

When we arrive, after a nice (read long) car drive, we park the car, right on our reserved spot and start unpacking. One of the first things we throw out is our tent. One of those intensely convenient 3 second pop-up tents. Throw it, get out of the way and your tent stands there in all its glory, waiting to be occupied, once again, after being abandoned for almost a full year. We don’t unpack the entire car just yet. After our boys have finished blowing up the air mattresses, we are off exploring Freibad Furstenfeld – the main reason of our love for this area. It is a thermal swimming pool, that connects directly to the camping site, with colorful water slides, floating inflatable playgrounds, volleyball fields, trampolines, lots of grass, and many trees, which provide the much needed shade.

Nice bonus: The entrance to the Freibad is FREE for paying guests of the camping. So, you can go and swim any time of the day (or night). No extra fees! Trust me, that is a great deal.

We put on our swimming gear and off we go. Always first on the list, is the infamous yellow slide. Start on the top and just go crashing down. Our boys showing off their athletic moves while sliding down, myself not backing down and showing off my less athletic, but still very ‘cool’ moves (if I may say so myself). Fun all around, and always a moment of happiness. Happy to be back, once again.

Fürstenfeld is a real charming, vibrant little city, full of history, impressive sights, relaxed shopping experiences, and also the perfect starting point for your short trips to the many other thermal baths, which are to be found in any direction you might look. All perfect reasons to visit Furstenfeld, but one has to admit, the main attraction will be the thermal swimming pool, which happens to be the largest one in Austria. I think, it is safe to say, that you will enjoy beautiful Furstenfeld, just as much as we have over the last decade.

Maybe I will see you there in the Summer of ’17 🙂

Just in case you wish to have a break from all the swimming – take a look at my second post. You won’t need your swimming gear for that one.

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