Winter days in Vancouver, Canada

Winter days in Vancouver

It has been roughly 5 years since the last significant snowfall in Vancouver, and since it usually rains more than it snows during winter, the remains of any snowfall usually wash away rapidly.

Apparently, ’Old Man Winter’ had his mind set on something entirely different this year. Our mountain was given the biggest amount of snowfall in years. Classes got cancelled at SFU, the elementary school had to close its doors, transit came to a complete stop, and residents decided that the outdoors had to be avoided at all cost. The streets were abandoned for days. Cars, covered in snow, left behind. Power outages and power line explosions coloured the sky blue and green! A full winter apocalypse! …

Ok, maybe slightly exaggerated … but not with much.

Luckily for our family, it all occurred during the winter break, which gave us the chance to fully appreciate the wonders of winter. After all, life isn’t about avoiding the snowstorm; it is about learning how to enjoy playing in the snow. And we played in the snow; we enjoyed it every day as much as we could. Best winter EVER!

Please enjoy 20 of our gorgeous winter pictures!

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